Life is movement...this also applies to architecture.

To keep up to date with regulations and aesthetics, further education and qualifications are a must. My employees and I are happy to take part in further educational courses on a regular basis. Ultimately, we benefit from comprehensive knowledge and can therefore better accompany our customers in design, technique and innovation.

Further education: Fire protection planning basics (2019)
Judgment European Court of Justice on Fees (2019)
Seminar: Exposed concrete as a design element (2019)
Dialog: Seminar technology and implementation (2019)
Seminar: Evidence Preservation in Structural Damage (2018)
Seminar: Home Ownership Law and its Requirements (2018)
Seminar: Preventive Fire Protection - Fire Barriers (2018)
Timber Construction Forum Donaueschingen (2018)
Liability in connection with approval of the planning (2017)