Architecture & Design Services

Comprehensive services cover: pre-design planning, analysis and advisory; architecture and interior conceptual design lead and project management; as well as construction administration.

Architecture and design finds its inspiration in people and their place. Indeed, architecture must be relevant, but also innovative and enduring.

Taking a responsive and collaborative approach, working closely with the customer to better understand their lifestyle, work, interests, ideals, and what makes them most comfortable. At the same time, however, an understanding of the unique space and time, environment, an appreciation for traditions, styles and new trends is also required.

Core Services

Architecture & Design

Research & analysis, process & imagination are key elements in the solution

Project Processing

Backed by extensive experience, providing the necessary direction during project development

Consulting Services

Sharing knowhow to help solve architectural, design & building challenges

Construction owner representation

Building takes time and increased attention. Builders of larger projects often come to their limits and might come into the position having to neglect their own job.
Architektin Kelbing offers you representation on-site and filters out what is relevant to you for taking decisions.
Please do not hesitate to make contact if you need further information or details about procedures and services.