Awards & Recognitions2012

City of Überlingen Competition

City of Überlingen Competition

Design idea (2nd prize)

“Once upon a time there was a children's house on the Burgberg, with not enough space and without splendour. Then the king of the country decided to do something for his little ones! Various builders of the city were asked to think about a new children's empire. The children rejoiced and were very happy.”

The result is a building with a green play street flanked by green wiggles, which connects the path from the car park to the entrance and then flows into the play street, resembling a footbridge with large action and adventure areas.

There are preformed seating and climbing furniture, playing fields such as "Ludo", bouncy games and much more. The play street also serves the children for orientation. The end forms a climbing house with slide and underneath camp for excursion cars and toys.

Urban thinking
The building fits into the entire school because of its design and use of materials yet remains independent at the same time. The building acts as a buffer between playing children and school and school education.

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New construction of a children's house on Burgberg

Awards & Recognitions2011

Municipal Utilities Überlingen Competition

Municipal Utilities Überlingen Competition

Design idea (1st prize)

The design followed a clear urban concept:

A self-contained factory site with a variety of expansion options. A clearly recognisable access situation with new customer parking spaces.

A road-accompanying building, which in its two-storey height has a “soft” transition from the residential area to the industrial site and also preserves the existing parking areas.

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Reconstruction of administration buildings

Awards & Recognitions2008

Reconstruction Lido Eest

Reconstruction Lido Eest

Design idea

The design pursued a clear goal:

Maintaining the charm and character of the natural environment. To create an architectural design that blends into this scenery, becoming a part of it and not appearing to be a foreign object.

The central theme: a wooden bridge parallel to the collector east as central development within the lido that connects the individual buildings.

Participation in Überlingen competition

Awards & Recognitions2005

Austrasse in the City of Constance

Urban development competition