Architektin Kelbing has been practicing architecture and design since 2003, having worked on many leading private and public projects in Überlingen and the wider Lake Constance/Bodensee region of Baden-Württemberg in Southern Germany. This includes a range of project sizes and types, including residential buildings, urban design/planning and regeneration, commercial, industrial, and landmark sites for the public sector.

Architectural Services

Committed to designing and building spaces that truly reflect people and their space/location. Essentially this means direct and personal attention, with a service that is very much tailored for each customer. Meanwhile, extensive experience and knowhow has given Architektin Kelbing practice the confidence and trust for good judgement, competence and quality.

“Dedicated to innovative architecture and design, inspired by a useful balance of tradition and modern trends, as well as the uniqueness of each specific location and the personality of each client.”Director & Founder, Christa Kelbing

Architectural Process

Always taking a holistic approach to architecture and design, incorporating techniques and experiences, the client's perspective, location, environment and technology. From the very early stages, a comprehensive analysis must be completed to establish the customer's specific goals, context and identity. This incorporates defining their profile and that of the proposed space and location. Throughout the process, constantly interacting and collaborating with the customer to reach consensus and move the project forward until successful completion.

As the process evolves, specialised building, design and modelling software assists to map out and evaluate various decisions, such as aesthetics, the building's technical/structural dimensions, overall functionality and performance, environmental conditions, among other. This also applies to after construction, conducting a post-occupancy evaluation both on performance objectives and customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

In architecture, quality ultimately reveals itself in the results, in design value, aesthetics, structure & functionality. The goal is to create spaces where people can unfold and feel pleased, whilst enhancing the human experience.

It is also important that the customer's well-being is at the core of the service, making sure they have a positive experience throughout the entire planning and construction phases. To enhance this perspective and uphold standards, clients are invited to provide additional feedback on every aspect of the service. A more detailed review is then carried out, as well as exploring new ways of bettering processes and systems.

Professionally, Architektin Kelbing has been a member of the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects since 2003 (No. 058662), and the Association of German Master-Builders, Architects and Engineers (BDB) since July 2014 (No. 9343).

Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects

The Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects is a service organisation and controlling body, representing the interests of its approximately 25,000 members from the area of building construction, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and city/urban planning.

The organisation is autonomous and self-managed through democratically elected bodies.

Architects issue their own professional code-of-conduct, determine their professional policy and participate in government lobbying for the making and changing of laws and regulations.

On the basis of their everyday practical work experience, architects can react promptly to special developments in the committees.

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Association of German Master-Builders, Architects and Engineers (BDB)

The BDB pursues a multitude of objectives that are in the interests of its members, namely:

  • Promotion of the idea of the construction team in connection with responsible interaction of architects, civil engineers and entrepreneurs in the planning, preparation and execution of building projects
  • Maintaining and enhancing the quality of building in all areas
  • Sustainable representation of the interests of BDB members in all relevant professional, educational and social policy issues
  • Introduction of the association's expertise in the rewriting or revision of laws or regulations relevant to construction or occupation policy
  • Best possible support for the professional development of the members
  • Active participation in the policy of architects and engineers' chambers
  • Continuous cooperation in the most important European organizations to strengthen the interests of the members, also on an international level

In doing so, the BDB has set itself the task of consistently advocating the central professional policy demands of its members:

  • Ensuring the independence of freelance architects and consulting engineers to enable them to act solely in the interest of their builders and to guarantee the quality of their services
  • Continuous design and improvement of the fee schedule for architects and engineers (HOAI)
  • To enable a responsible professional exercise also at European level through a corresponding formulation of the framework conditions for self-employed activities
  • Transparent and fair development of procurement procedures for architects and engineers

Read more about the BDB on their official website: