The Environment

A 'green' approach to architecture, building & urbanism focuses on sustainability. I like to take a conscious approach to minimising environmental impact, as provided with consulting & architectural services in sustainability & ecological design. Essentially, this ensures performance efficiency & conservation in energy, using various passive & proactive techniques. For instance, materials, process management, innovation, as well as the wider ecosystem & building placement to enhance benefits of natural resources, such as green spaces, sunlight & ventilation.

Our Community

Our community is very special - our town of Überlingen & the state of Baden-Württemberg, but also the wider region. Indeed, we are located in a unique setting of Europe, at the heart of the continent, right on the Lake of Constance. This area is widely known as the four-country region, where Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Liechtenstein share this beautiful Lake, but also a common culture & community feeling. This awareness is absolutely essential in truly capturing the area's honesty, rich nature & unique character in architecture. Meanwhile, my office tries to support many community initiatives & events, whilst celebrating tradition, diversity & of course creativity!

Celebrating Culture

"Culture" has a very deep meaning, rooted in the human existence and its ongoing experience, but also the wider natural world. Throughout history and tradition, architecture simultaneously reflects and influences the complexities of culture. Architecture is especially unique in that it also draws from the arts, engineering and innovation. Thus, all of my work must express an understanding and respect of humanists and cultural values, local customs, but also embrace modernity and creativity.